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Barangay Basak
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Welcome to our barangay!

It gives us great pleasure to offer our virtual office as a place to learn about our barangay, from its history to what we can offer you right now.

Thank you for taking your time and God Bless!

About us

Basak was once a very muddy, swampy, and water place. It never dried ever during the long dry season. Sparsely populated then, the old folks of the locality suspected that nature itself had willed that this very place would remain as ever until this day. So when the town folks were asked where lived, they would just reply, “didto’s basakan nga dapit,” (There from the swampy place.) Time changed the name from basakan to basak since Cebuanos the like always were and are still fond of cutting short long words. From then on Basak was the name of the Barrio.

Total Population 12,322
Total Land Area 254.35 hectares
Fiesta date N/A
Patron Saint N/A
No. of Sitio 11
List of Sitios Sitio Mabolo, Sab-a, Dunggo-an, Mundo, Tindok, Relis, Tundan, Kardava, Alliance of 2 Hearts, Kinapaan, Law-O.

Calendar of Activities
Barangay's latest schedule of activities.

List of Registered Businesses
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Contact Us
Barangay Basak, Mandaue City, Cebu Philippines
Contact Number: 343-9759/422-9680
For inquiries, feedback or comments please kindly send it to us via our form below.

Stay informed and follow us

Barangay Officials
Dayanan, Vicente, C.
Barangay Captain
Tenchavez, Alyssa A.
SK Chairman
Linao, Bonifacio R.
Barangay Councilor
Escoton, Herminio I.
Barangay Councilor
Mabanto, Honey M.
Barangay Councilor
Ostia, Micheal F.
Barangay Councilor
Sanchez, Reuben A.
Barangay Councilor
Mistula, Rudlyn C.
Barangay Councilor
Alivio, Jose Arcelito D.
Barangay Councilor
Abe-abe, Gemma C.
SK Councilor
Arcenas, Marie Claire C.
SK Councilor
Diaz, Rainold R.
SK Councilor
Manatad, Mavel B.
SK Councilor
Arsua, Nicko A.
SK Councilor
Villacampa, Gery D.
SK Councilor
Sollano, Myroel A.
SK Councilor


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